Top 5 Noha Khuwans 2014 Album Nohay Comming Soon

Moharram ul Haraam 2014

Moharram ul Haraam 2013 is approaching and we all azadars are making preparation for this holly period of mourning (matam), processions (Juloos), Majalis and Noha reciting. People from all around the world are waiting for the 2014 Noha Albums by beloved Noha Khuwans. As earlier we have mentioned in a post that Najaf The Heaven will provide Nadeem Sarwar 2014 Album Mp3 Nohay on our blog to our readers and azadars, now we feel happy to announce that we will be sharing all new 2014 Nohay albums with you as soon as possible after the release. For now we are making announcement for 5 top Noha Khuwans 2014 nohas soon be available on Najaf The Heaven.

Syed Irfan Haider 2014 Nohay Album

Syed Irfan Haider 2014 Album Nohay

Syed Irfan Haider

Whenever we talked about the successor of Ali Mohammad (Sachay Bhai) the only name came in our mind is Nadeem Raza Sarwar. But as we all know that Nadeem Sarwar’s both sons are not matured enough on the basis of voice and kalam to become the successor of Nadeem Sarwar. The only name and noha reciter can take crown of world’s best Noha reciter and his name is Syed Irfan Haider. For me he is the man who have been providing the greatest piece of Kalam.  Although he got a fatal accident 2 or 3 months ago yet he is well prepared for the upcoming moharram. He is on his way to release his promo as soon as possible. Najaf The Heaven is promising to its audience and all azadars to upload new Irfan Haider 2014 Album Mp3 Nohay on the blog. So keep visiting for downloading the latest Irfan Haider 2014 nohay.

Syed Farhan Haider (Ali a.s Waris) 2014 Nohay Album

Syed Farhan Hiader (Ali a.s Waris) 2014 nohay album

Syed Farhan Hiader

When I was a child and used to go to majalis in my childhood in Karachi, I used to wait for this young Noha Khuwan Farhan Haider to come and recite his most famous and heart touching noha Ali a.s Waris. Now after years have passed, time and his heart touching nohas have made him a well-known and famous Noha Khuwans not only in Pakistan but also over the globe. We feel honor to tell his fans and all azadars that Farhan Hader will be releasing his 2014 Noha Album very soon and his promo is on the way too. Najaf The Heaven announces that New Farhan Haider 2014 Album Nohay will be uploaded on the blog very soon.

Mir Hassan Mir 2014 Album Nohay

Mir Hassan Mir 2014 Nohay Album

Mir Hassan Mir

The person I am going to introduce now is considered as a king of Manqabats (Qaseeday) all over the world. Yes! Mir Hassan Mir is one of the best manqabat khuwan but now he has started to release his Noha Albums for the last 3 to 4 years. Although he was a great name in the world of manqabats yet he has made a solid ground in the field in Noha Khuwani. He is also working on his upcoming 2014 album and soon it will be released in the markets. Najaf The Heaven will put new Mir Hassan Mir 2014 Album Mp3 Nohay on the blog where people also can download it and listen to it.

Syed Shadman Raza 2014 Album Nohay

Syed Shadman Raza 2014 Nohay

Syed Shadman Raza

Shadman Raza is also an emerging Noha Khuwan and he has his own style of reciting Nohas. He always brings creativity in his Kalam and the ways of reciting. His one noha Main Safeer e Hussain a.s Hon was a real master piece. We hope that this year he will also bring some more creative and worth-listening kalam with his voice. All New Shadman Raza 2014 Album Mp3 Nohay will be available at Najaf The Heaven as soon as he releases it in the market.

Shahid Biltistani  2014 Album Nohay

Shahid Biltistani 2014 Nohay Album

Shahid Biltistani

Shahid Biltistani has a reputation of reciting new styles nohas and kalams just like he recited Shab e Taray, Bay Qararay in one of his albums. It was a real master piece noha. All the azadars are desperately waiting for his new 2014 album to be released in the market. Najaf The Heaven is looking forward for Shahid Bilstani 2014 Album Mp3 Nohay for updating on the blog where people can easily download them.

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Nadeem Sarwar 2013 Nohay Comming Soon | Najaf The Heaven

Nadeem Sarwar is one of the best Noha Khuwans of today’s era. He served Noha Khuwani in all over the globe. Now as he is touching his old age, he introduced his children to the noha khuwani as well naming Ali Shanawar and Ali Jee. Both are emerging Noha Khuwans and will definately take the place of their father.

Nadeem Sarwar

  Ali Jee & Ali Shanawar

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Nadeem Sarwar 2012 Nohay Available Now

Nadeem Sarwar 2012 New Nohay released now.


Ya Ali a.s Ya Abbas a.s ,Nadeem Sarwar

Qaidi hon main Baba a.s  ,Ali Shanawar

Zainab a.s ka hai Arman . Ali jee O Ali Shanawar

Mola Mola Hussain a.s ,Nadeem Sarwar

Hussain a.s hota wohi hai jisay shikast na ho

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Nadeem Sarwar, Shanawar Sarwar 2012 Nohay Promo Video

Nadeem Sarwar & Shanawar Sarwar 2012 Nohay

Nadeem Sarwar, Safeer e Aza , master of Noha Khuani has just released his new 2012 Nohay promo video. In his new album shanawar recited a heart touching Noha Haye Sadaat nay is dehar main kia kia daikha. Nadeem Sarwar recited a noha Wada hai hamara ya fatima zahra , Nahin bholain gay Hussaina a.s.


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Nadeem Sarwar 2012 New Title Noha Album Promo

Nadeem Raza Sarwar 2012 Noha Album

Nadeem Raza Sarwar just released his new 2012 title noha promo. Saray jahan say un ki musal sal sada hogi  Hussain a.s  Hussain a.s. His new album will be releasing on the night of 3rd muharram or on the 4th muharram ul haram.

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