Nadeem Sarwar 2013 Nohay Comming Soon | Najaf The Heaven

Nadeem Sarwar is one of the best Noha Khuwans of today’s era. He served Noha Khuwani in all over the globe. Now as he is touching his old age, he introduced his children to the noha khuwani as well naming Ali Shanawar and Ali Jee. Both are emerging Noha Khuwans and will definately take the place of their father.

Nadeem Sarwar

  Ali Jee & Ali Shanawar

Listen To Nadeem Sarwar 2012 Nohay 

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Rujul Mehdi is a religious blogger belonging from the Shia community. He has been making some radical changes to the Shia Blogging by mixing it up with upcoming news, Aqaid, Manqabat, Nohay, Upcoming events like Zahoor e Masoomeen a.s and Shahadats. He is a passionate blogger having a goal of promoting true shia religion and much more stuff related to it. He loves Najaf e Ashraf and also have a goal to visit it one day. To keep updated with the latest news and other religious stuff please follow my blog on Twitter here @NajafTheHeaven

9 Responses to Nadeem Sarwar 2013 Nohay Comming Soon | Najaf The Heaven

  1. basharat hussain says:

    salam ya hussain

  2. mukhtiar says:

    masha allah

  3. umair says:

    ur voice is veryyyyyyyyyy niceeeeeee

  4. nadeem bhai i am despiratly weighting for your this year album

  5. syed daniyal says:


  6. sajjad hussain kalhoro says:


  7. sajjad hussain kalhoro says:


  8. hasnaibn says:

    bhai 2013 k kab post karoge?

  9. syed asim hussain shah kazmi says:

    Salam Alaikum …. Thanks for sharing nohas. loved it.

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